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Zoltar Fortune Teller
Switch Adapted Zoltar Fortune Teller.

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Switch Adapted Zoltar Fortune Teller.

Fun novelty toy, based on Zoltan coin-operated fortune telling machines of the past.

Ask Zoltar a question (don't forget to be polite) then press an accessibility switch. Zoltar will consult his flashing crystal ball whilst summoning the spirits accompanied by some mysterious (but cute) music. When he speaks, dark clouds gather outside, his crystal ball changes colour and his mouth moves (okay the first bit was a lie).

• Activate using the built-in finger switch or a plug-in accessibility switch.
• Great fun Cause and Effect device, compatible with most accessibility switches.
• Click here for an original Zoltan reading.
• Zoltar readings are much funnier.

Switch Adapted Zoltar Fortune Teller.

• Demonstration batteries included.
• Green accessibility switch is not included.

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