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Switch Mixer Lite
Switch Mixer Lite

Switch Mixer Lite is a small application that enables one key or accessibility switch to play sound samples in a variety of ways.

It can be used as a simple cause and effect device, a way to create music, a way to control sound effects within a film or drama production, spook people at halloween and so on.

Download: Switch Mixer Lite

Radio Wave image from Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures.

Getting Started

• Download: Switch Mixer Lite.
• Set your accessibility switch to trigger a "1" (see JoyToKey if using a Joypad).

Switch Mixer Lite Window.

Default Controls

1 = Play sound.
0 = Limit the sounds played to one at a time or choose to have multi-layered sounds.
Q = Change the order in which your sound samples are played. Choose from:

      'static' - locks you into playing the same sound repeatedly.
      'random' - plays random sounds from your list per press.
      'order' - plays sounds in sequential order.

Sound Samples

Your sounds are stored by default in the "Sounds" folder and must be in WAV format. There are a few demonstration sounds included in the Switch-Mixer Lite download, but the fun in this application is in finding, creating and using your own.

1: A great starting place is at where you can download many WAV format sound clips for free into your sounds folder. You can find many more via this link: HongKiat's list of 55 Great Web sites to Download Free Sound Effects and McCoy Production's Free Music for Videos list.

2: If your PC has a built in microphone, you can easily record yourself using the superb free program Audacity. Ensure that you save files in WAV format.

3: Using Audacity, you can also import CD and MP3 tracks, edit them, then save as WAV format. Use Switch Mixer Lite to step through your favourite play list of music with one switch.

4: Using a Griffin iMic to import stereo samples via a 3.5mm patch lead.

More Advanced Use

You can change the default controls settings and the location of your sound samples by exiting Switch-Mixer Lite then following these steps:

A. Delete the Switch-Mixer Lite "config" file.
B. Restart Switch-Mixer Lite.
C. Follow the on-screen instructions.

In the sound limited mode you can use the Switch Mixer Lite in many more ways including: A way to count to ten; A way to recite the alphabet; A way to roll dice or make any random choice; To recite pages of a book; To lead a band performance by playing segments of a musical track in order or at random.

The Public Domain Switch Mixer Lite utility written by William Pilgrim in 2008 based on an idea by Barrie Ellis of

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