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One Switch Games
One Switch Games.

Video Games (Atari COMBAT 1977 pictured).

Games playable with a single switch

Video games are fun and also give people the power to do amazing things that they would be unable to in real life. Under construction.

Reviews of some of the free one switch games available in the library can be found at

Last updated: 30th Septemberl, 2005.


Alien Invasion



Alice Amazed (PC).


Alice Amazed (PC):

Alien Invasion



Alien Invastion (PC).


Alien Invasion (PC):

Canyon Bomber



Canyon Bomber (PC and MAC).


Canyon Bomber (MAME):.

Destruction Derby



Destruction Derby (Playstation or PC).


Destruction Derby (Playstation or PC):

Everybody's Golf



Everybody's Golf (Playstation).


Everybody's Golf (Playstation or PC):

F355 Ferrari Challenge



F355 Ferrari Challenge (Dreamcast).


F355 Ferrari Challenge (Dreamcast):

Jet Stream Trader



Jet Stream Trader (PC).


Jet Stream Trader (PC):

Microsoft Pinball



Microsoft Pinball (PC).


Microsoft Pinball (PC):

ProPinball Tilogy



ProPinball Trilogy (Dreamcast, Playstation and PC).


ProPinball Trilogy (Dreamcast, Playstation and PC):

Ruby Ridge



Ruby Ridge (PC).


Ruby Ridge (PC):

Shenmue Darts



Shenmue Darts (Dreamcast).


Shenmue Darts (Dreamcast):




UA-Chess (on-line).


UA-Chess (on-line):

UmJammer Lammy



UmJammer Lammy (Playstation).


UmJammer Lammy (Playstation):

Uo Poko



Uo Poko (MAME).


Uo Poko (MAME):

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