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Ultra-Stik Analogue Joystick with Switch Interface
£95 Ultrastik (XAC/PC)
£120 Ultrastik (PC) + 4 switch sockets
£130 Ultrastick (PC) + 8 switch sockets
+£10 STIFF spring version / modification

The Ultra-Stik works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Windows PC.

Optional extras include switch sockets, alternative joystick tops and the Game Control Mixer for use on other games machines.

  • PC and Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible.

  • Analogue joystick for precise control.

  • Switch socket options for PC users.

  • Can act as a Mouse replacement on PC with free software such as JoyToKey.

  • A velcro base to secure the joystick such as the Trabasack Connect range or Maxess Switch Tray recommended.

  • Ball top unscrews. Alternative tops available or build your own (ball top uses M6 thread). N.B. Note, the shaft will freely rotate and 34mm ball top could pose a choking risk if swallowed (request loctite to help prevent this if a concern).

  • Optional Game Control Mixer enables connection to Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and much more.

  • Dimensions (ball-top): 12cm high. Base 14.5 x 9.5cm. Stick can freely rotate without damaging the internal workings.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Xbox Adaptive Controller GCM adapter for connection to Nintendo, Playstation and more.

  • Optional accessibility switch sockets allow for a huge range of controls to be attached.

  • Share controls using the stick and switches. All controls can be reprogrammed as mouse or keyboard functions.

  • Use the switches and/or joystick as a Mouse controller using JoyToKey (and video of JoyToKey here). Use to browse the internet and much more. Best with 8 switch option or via an Xbox Adaptive Controller.

  • D.I.Y. guide for this analogue joystick with switches.

  • Joystick Tops: OneSwitch can supply the standard ball top in black or red or a bat top. Additional MERU tops (see below) can be ordered in a range of styles for around £35.

  • Game Control Mixer video below shows some of what is possible. The LED compass and joysticks are not available with this option.

OneSwitch Ultrastik with MERU Cowbar joystick extension top.