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Shout Box

£60 (plus postage)

Use your voice, breath or anything that can make a sound to act as a switch with the Shoutbox. Aimed for use with low-voltage switch interfaces for games machines, computers and toys.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

OneSwitch Shout Box by Jason Hotchkiss. Black and white small box of electronics, with dial, three LED lights and a microphone grill.

• Adjustable sensitivity. From a puff of air, to a loud shout or clap.
• Three different modes: Pulse (quick on/off), toggle and normal.
• Ideal to give a person an extra switch input if they can deliberately control their breath, voice or something that makes a noise.

• Built in microphone.
• Desk-top microphone (3.5mm jack-plug style) supplied.
• Comes with a 3.5mm patch lead to connect to adapted equipment.

• 3x AAA batteries and small screw-driver needed, not supplied.
• Switch interface not supplied. Get in touch if needing advice.
• RED LED denotes power on. Yellow indicates sound detected. Green denotes switch activated (closed).

• Created by Jason Hotchkiss in association with

Shout Box with microphone and (not supplied) switch interface.