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One Handed Game Controllers

Some of the controllers below have been designed for use with Playstation One and PS2 game consoles. With additional controller adapters, most other games machines, PCs and Macs can be made accessible. Click on the images below for more details on each controller. For help tracking down or building your own One Handed Controllers for Xbox, Playstation and PC see this OneSwitch Blog post. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear.

One Hand Controller (£70+)

"One Handed Controller" for PS2

Available from, Consoles and Gadgets and The Gamers Choice

Suitable for left and right handed play, and designed for the Playstation 2. Use with newer machines with additional adapters.

Read a review at Accessible GameBase.


Grizpaw One Handed Controller

From GrizTech

A Playstaiton 2 digital controller with 14 buttons and 2 digital thumb-sticks.

Quote "OneSwitch2015" for a $10 discount.

ASCII Grip (£15)

One Handed ASCII Grip controller


Designed for use with the Playstation One console, this controller is well suited to many older games that do not require analogue control.

Some button functions can be changed, making play easier.

Mini Dance Mat

Mini Dance Mat controller


Ideal for Dancing games, and also usable with most Playstation One games. LEDs illuminate when the direction buttons are pressed.


ASCII/Sammy Grip V2


Suitable for left or right handed play. Compatible with many but not all Playstation 2 games with a switchable thumb-stick.

HORI Separate

One Handed HORI Separate Controller


A unique controller that can be used in three different ways: traditional, separated and one handed. Playstation One and PS2 compatible.


HORI Super Robot Wars Controller

From (UK) and Broadened Horizons (USA)

A well built controller from HORI that is best for left hand play, but can be used by right handed gamers too. Playstation one and PS2 compatible.

Access Controller

"Access Controller"

Available from eDimensional

The Ben Heckendorm designed "Access Controller". Wireless with interchangable control pods. Compatible with PS3, PS2 and PCs.

Read a review at Game Forward.

DragonPlus DuoCon2

One Handed DragonPlus controller

Second hand wanted by OneSwitch for repair.

Highly suitable for left or right handed play. Compatible with Playstation 2 games. This controller also features a small RESET button.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii one handed controller

From Amazon and eBay

Nintendo Wii with Wii-mote motion tracking one handed controller. Can be made lighter via a simple adaptation.

N.B.Robert Merritt has posted a list of games that are one-hand compatible.

Nintendo Wii - Switch Adapted

Nintendo Wii - Switch Adapted.

From Broadened Horizons

Nintendo Wii remote controller with switch interface for the A button and B trigger and wrist straps.


Orthros One Hand Controller


One hand controller designed to be used with the PS3-SAP module. Presently at prototype stage, but can be purchsed for around £610.

Zaku Controller

Gundam Online Zaku Controller

A USB PC one handed controller that can be reconfigured using the likes of JoyToKey.

Designed for Gundam Online games but can be used for all kinds of things. Would require a Titan One to be used on game consoles. More help in finding and purchasing one can be found at this OneSwitch Blog post.

Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions

There are a number of people and organisations that may be able to build you a tailor made controller at a price.

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