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Game Accessibility Software

The following list details some of the software aids that can help players in their gaming. For instance, where a game is too fast or the controls too awkward, the following may help. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear.


Cheats. Making games more comfortable for you.

Cheats are a way to make a game more comfortable for your personal abilities. For those unable to play a game without them, they're not cheats at all.

Xploder and Game Genie offer a range of cheat systems (normally via save files).

Datel's Action Replay cheat systems work very well for the likes of the Playstation 2. See Code Junkies for sales. and Games Radar both are great sites for cheats and help for many games.

MAME the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator has an optional 'cheat' facility.

Controller Assistants

Controller Assistants

Utilities that enable players to activate more buttons than they ordinarily could manage.

4 Noah - Enables one switch gamers to play certain games that use multiple buttons. This software is under development but available to try for free. 4Noah Lite is a great place to start.

SwitchXS - Enables Apple Mac switch users to take almost complete control over keyboard and mouse controlled games.

Controller Emulation

Controller Emulation

Software that enables one piece of hardware, such as a USB joypad to emulate another such as a mouse or keyboard. Ideal for people unable to use a keyboard or mouse to play games.

Alt-Controller - Map PC mouse movements to key presses. Makes keyboard only games possible to play with a mouse pointer alone.

JoyToKey, Xpadder, Joystick to Mouse or PGP - Enables adapted or standard USB joypads or joysticks to emulate the mouse and keyboard on a PC.


USB Overdrive - Shareware version of JoyToKey for Apple Macintosh computers.

QJoyPad - Linux utility.

Track-Mapper - Enables older Natural Point head-trackers to play keyboard controlled games.

Auto Hot Key - Very powerful utility for remapping controls.

GlovePIE - Another versatile and powerful utility for remapping controls. Interesting example of mind control over Angry Birds here

Dwell Clicking

Dwell Clicking

"Dwell Clickers" are ideal for head-tracker users, and others, unable to activate a mouse click. You simply hover over an area for a fixed length of time to activate a mouse click.

I have found Natural Point's Dwell Clicker with "XP Fix" works with the majority of PC games. However, you will need to contact them to purchase this version.

See the Dwell Clicking forum thread and TLWMSN for more.

Screen Magnifiers

Screen Magnifiers

Windows 7 has a superb screen magnifier that allows you to enlarge anything displayed on your desktop.

Many other screen magnifiers exists, such as ISSIST, but the free one with Windows 7 is the best I've yet used with games.

Kinect Switches

Kinect Switches and Control

Kinect based assistve technology can enable a wide range of "virtual" switches to be mapped out in space, on a user's body or a user's face.

OAK Air Switches - Requires Kinect for PC. A more powerful alternative.

Kinesic Mouse - Superb software enabling head movements and facial expressions to be mapped to mouse, keyboard and joystick functions.

Webcam Switches

Webcam Switches

Webcam switches allow you to define areas within the field of vision of a webcam that can be used as switches. Move within that defined area and you can trigger a left-click for instance.

Switch Viacam - Free for PCs using standard webcams and can be used for one or two switches.

Anti Hand Tremor Software

Anti Hand Tremor Software

Software utilities that helps smooth out hand tremors a gamer may have. - offer free software and support for PC Windows users.

Steady Hamster - a smaller-scale project written for PC Linux users.

Text Entry Utilities

Text Entry Utilities

These utilities enable people to enter text sentences who would be unable to with a traditional physical keyboard. Some utilities will assist dyslexic gamers too. Some allow for switch access too.

Ability Net have an excellent guide to On Screen Keyboards and text entry utilities for PCs.

Click-N-Type is an On-Screen-Keyboard with a predictive-text facility.

You will find more help at Able Gamers and the On Screen Keyboards forum thread.


Wanted Accessible Gaming Equipment.

Most Wanted list for Accessible Gaming Gear. Features the OneSwitch wish list, and other individual's unfulfilled wants.

Related Accessible Gaming Organisations

Ability Net - is a UK charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.

Game-Accessibility - Focusing on the accessibility of electronic games for gamers with disabilities.