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Ultra-Stik Analogue Joystick with Switch Interface
£95 Ultrastik (XAC/PC)
£120 Ultrastik (PC) + 4 switch sockets
£140 Ultrastick (PC) + 8 switch sockets

+£35 MERU cowbar extension
+£35 MERU small mushroom top extension
+£15 Bat top extension
+£10 STIFF spring version
+£40 Aluminium Heavy Duty case upgrade
+£35 Camera Mount (1/4" 20 female)
+£110 GCM XAC multi-platform adapter
+POA Other accessories and knobs/tops.

The Ultra-Stik works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Windows PC as standard.

Optional extras include different joystick tops, switch sockets, stiff spring, aluminum box (in different colours) and the GCM XAC. The Game Control Mixer XAC gives massively more power to the stick (through a XAC and switch) and compatibility with Playstation, Nintendo Switch and more.

  • PC and Xbox Adaptive Controller compatible.

  • Analogue joystick for precise control.

  • Switch socket options for PC users.

  • Can act as a Mouse replacement on PC with free software such as JoyToKey.

  • A velcro base to secure the joystick such as the Trabasack Connect range or Maxess Switch Tray recommended.

  • Ball top unscrews. Alternative tops available or build your own (ball top uses M6 thread). N.B. Note, the shaft will freely rotate and 30mm ball top could pose a choking risk if swallowed (request loctite to help prevent this if a concern).

  • Dimensions (ball-top): 12cm high. Base 14.5 x 9.5cm. Stick can freely rotate without damaging the internal workings.

Please feel free to e-mail for further information and for ordering details.

Xbox Adaptive Controller GCM adapter for connection to Nintendo, Playstation and more.

  • Optional accessibility switch sockets allow for a huge range of controls to be attached.

  • Share controls using the stick and switches. All controls can be reprogrammed as mouse or keyboard functions.

  • Use the switches and/or joystick as a Mouse controller using JoyToKey (and video of JoyToKey here). Use to browse the internet and much more. Best with 8 switch option or via an Xbox Adaptive Controller.

  • D.I.Y. guide for this analogue joystick with switches.

  • Joystick Tops: OneSwitch can supply the standard 30mm ball top in black or red or a bat top. Additional MERU tops (see below) can be ordered in a range of styles for around £35. MERU tops are threaded with a sideways 4mm DIN 916 (M4 A4 4mm) grub-screw to secure.

  • Game Control Mixer video below shows some of what is possible. The LED compass and joysticks are not available with this option.

OneSwitch Ultrastik with MERU Cowbar joystick extension top.

Heavy Duty XAC and PC compatible Ultrastiks with a not supplied push button and XAC
Green ball top.
Bat top and green ball top Ultrastik.