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William Pilgrim Accessible Games

Image of one switch game Drop Blocks! by William Pilgrim.

The following freeware PC games are designed to be played with a single accessibility switch set to act as the SPACE BAR. Click on the picture of the game you wish to download to save into a folder of your choice. Once completed you will need to unzip these games in order to play them. Please view the README files enclosed before playing. Have fun!


One-switch cover version of Taito's legendary 1978 game Space Invaders. Take note of the in-game READ ME instructions before playing.

Requires accurate timing skills.

(C) 2008 William Pilgrim

Drop Blocks!

Superb on-line version of the LAI Games prize machine Stacker. Requires timing skills. Can be slowed down using CPU Killer, and magnified using Windows 7's excellent screen magnifier.

Please get in touch if you'd like to host this game or play off-line.

2010 William Pilgrim


Collect fruit and power-ups, and avoid falling off the bottom of the screen. Requires very accurate timing. Requires an internet connection for high-score entry. host a fully on-line version. Reviewed at the GameBase.

(c) 2010 William Pilgrim

Nellie Reaction Tester 1969

Nellie Reaction Tester 1969.

A recreation of perhaps the first ever one-switch / one-button computer game. Press SPACE to start the game. As soon as the light turns bright green and the tone goes off, hit SPACE as fast as you can. Try to beat your best time. More on Nellie at the OneSwitch blog.

(C) 2012 William Pilgrim

One Switch Football

One player football game with a good range of difficulty levels.

(C) 2009 William Pilgrim

Puz (beta)

Puz - Image of a coloured-blocks puzzle game.

Match all the coloured blocks puzzle game. Hold the SPACE BAR to move your targeting indicator in the direction of the small white arrow. When over a coloured box, tap the SPACE BAR to select or deselect a box.

(C) 2010 William Pilgrim

Switch Circus

Switch Circus - Image of a a stick man on a see-saw with colourful balloons above.

One-switch version of Exidy's 1977 Circus. Tap the SPACE BAR to enter switch mode, select speed then play.

To use the alternative mouse based controls, trigger a left click to play or trigger a right click to change the game speed.

(C) 2010 William Pilgrim


Whacka Mole

High speed whack-fest. Use the SPACE BAR to bash at random.

(C) 2008 William Pilgrim

N.B. All 4Noah utilities are the copyright of William Pilgrim (c) 2009 hosted here with his kind permission. These may not be charged for or adapted without prior permission.

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