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Switch Accessible Gaming Hardware

This area deals with accessibility standard switches and compatible gaming equipment. Click on the images below for more details on each controller and from where you can purchase these from.

Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear, or to share new information.

Switches and Switch Modules

Switches and Sensors.

Our switches and links to a hand full of other organisations selling accessibility switches, sensors and assistive switch modules.

PC Switch Interfaces

PC Switch Interfaces.

An essential item for desktop and lap-top PCs for switch access.

Console Switch Interfaces

Games Console Switch Interfaces.

Switch interfaces for games consoles enabling players to tailor their controls to suit themselves.

Hand-Held and Portable

Hand-Held and Portable.

Switch accessible Gaming on the go, including iPad and iPhone.

Arcade Machines

Switch Accessible Arcade Coin-op Games.

Switch accessible coin-operated arcade games. Including Pinball, Sweet machines and JAMMA Video Games.


Wanted Accessible Gaming Equipment.

Most Wanted list for Accessible Gaming Gear. Features the OneSwitch wish list, and other individual's unfulfilled wants.

Related Switch Gaming LINKS

Switch Gaming -'s area devoted to switch gaming, including a huge range of free one switch games to download.

Controller Adapters - Enabling Playstation controllers to be used on alternative games consoles and computers.

Game-Accessibility forums - Linking directly to the one-switch gaming forum.

Tailor Made Controls - Links to people who may be able to create a controller to suit your needs.