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GCM Accessories

A complex Game Control Mixer accessible gaming set-up with two chunky joysticks, one with a MERU red U cow bar fitted. Two Sanwa switches and a small Atec ultra light blue switch. A microphone, PS4 controller and Titan Two adapter on a velcro tray.

The following accessories are recommended for use with the Game Control Mixer. Click on the images below for more details.



JOYSTICKS: A range of high-quality analogue joysticks. All come with an extra switch socket (normally for the L3 and R3 buttons) and Velcro base. Customisation upon request.

Mini Joysticks

£85 GCM100 Mini Joystick
£95 GCM100 Mini Joystick light-pressure

These sticks are the same size as those found in PS4 gamepads. They are fitted with a hook-side Velcro base. Additional custom slots can be offered to further reduce the amount of strength needed.

Small black box joystick with white top. For Game Control Mixer GCM100 interface.

Chunky APEM Joysticks

£135 Chunky APEM small with three tops
£140 Chunky APEM large
 +£35 MERU cowbar extension
 +£40 Aluminium heavy duty case

Very high-quality analogue control. All supplied with three pop on and off tops. The MERU cowbar option fits rigidly by tightening a small grub screw. Tool supplied.

APEM joystick



GCM100 Mini Stick (CM/J1)

£95 Joystick mini-light force.
+£36 Hand Support HS1 (fitted with sponge)
+£30 Hand Support HS2

Note: This style of light-pressure stick can be mounted flexibly for finger tip control. See Celtic Magic for more info.

Precise finger-tip joystick for mounting where-needed.



ADAPTERS: Connect your Titan Two to other games machines using adapters and the correct set-up advice.

Brook PS3 to PS2 adapter
£5 Android adapter (standard OTG cable)
£5 PC link-up cable (standard micro USB cable)
£35 Playstation 2 adapter (pictured above)
£45 Dreamcast adapter kit
POA Amiga/Atari adapter kit



MOUNTS: Most of the items above are intended to be mounted onto loop Velcro. The following can help.

Maxcess board
POA Trabasack Curve Connect - or buy direct
POA Maxcess Switch Tray - or buy direct
POA Velcro (soft loop)




GAMES: This area focusses on gamers who use a single stick, and optionally 1-3 buttons or sip-puff.



£66.59 RetroPie (sold at cost). This packet of cards sized UK computer is capable of running a wide range of brilliant games and activities. Comes with all you need for use with the Game Control Mixer.

Please get in touch for more information, custom orders and purchasing details.