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Switches and Sensors

This area deals with accessibility standard switches and compatible gaming equipment. Click on the images below for more details on each controller and from where you can purchase these from.

Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear, or to share new information.

Sanwa Accessibility Switches

Sanwa Accessibility Switches

From OneSwitch (UK).

Small boxed arcade push-buttons for switch use.

Light Pressure Switches

Light Pressure Switches

From OneSwitch (UK), Atec and MarbleSoft-Simtech (USA)

See also BJ Sensitive Dual Switch

Latch Box

Latch Box

From OneSwitch

Latch box for accessibility switches. Battery or USB powered.

"Shout Box" Sound Switch

Sound Switch

From OneSwitch

An accessibility switch operated with sound.

Proximity Sensor Switch

Proximity Switch

From Ablenet (USA)

Zero pressure. Move within 10mm of the sensor to activate.

More Switches and Sensors

Switches and Sensors.

There are a mind boggling array of accessibility switches, sensors available. I recommend  3.5mm plug switches for general use.

Switch suppliers include: (see below), Dad in a Shed (UK), Inclusive Technology (UK), Pretorian (UK), Smile Smart Tech (UK - and supply Softytop covers), War Fighter Engaged (USA) and Able-Net (USA).

Sip Puff

Sip Puff Switches.

From Origin Instruments (USA)

Sip (and) puff tube with versions with 3.5mm plugs or USB connection.

Software Switches

Software Accessibility Switches.

A range of virtual switches can take advantage of computer technology.

Camera switches: Map out an area in space, and if something passes through it or moves it, it triggers a switch event, such as a left-click.

Dwell switches: Hover over an area with a mouse pointer for a pre-set legth of time to click, or bring up a contextual menu.

Neuro Switch

Control Bionics - Neuro Switch - EMG linked switch.

Electromyography muscle switches.

From: Emego (UK) and Control Bionics (North America)

Bite Switch

Bite Switch

Bite swithes may need to be rewired to a 3.5mm plug. They typically require a strong bite and can be tiring.

From: Music Tablet Store (Europe), Conceptus Camera Switches (France, Germany, USA), AirTurn (USA), Glassouse (China)

Blink Switches

Blink Switches

"Eye Blink Sensor" via Enabling Devices (USA), "Tash Scatir Switch" (Australia, UK), "Fibre Optic Blink Switch" via Special Needs Computers (Canada), "Nous" via Nous App.

Second hand you may be lucky enough to find a Toby Churchill Eye Blink switch.

Tongue Switch

Tongue Switch

May need a 2.5mm socket/3.5mm plug adapter. From: Conceptus Camera Switches (France, Germany, USA)

Assistive Switching Modules

Assisitve Switching Modules (QED latching box pictured).

Switch "action modifiers"

From: OneSwitch (UK), Technical Solutions (AUS), and
Able Net (USA)

Mounting Solutions

Switch Mounts.

Mounting Solutions

Off the shelf soutions for mounting switches into the ideal position.

D.I.Y. Switches

Illuminated Switches.

OneSwitch D.I.Y. guides 

Build your own accessibility switches.



HELP! It can take time, money, and effort to find the best solutions. Get in touch for more help.

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