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Switch Adaptation Service

We sell affordable enabling equipment that can be used with just one disability standard switch or sensor. No matter the disability, ALL can get involved. Please view our Rest of the World shopping area too.

I can adapt a variety of video games machines and some battery operated toys and gadgets to make them more accessible. I tend to focus on adaptations that enable the use of disability standard plug-in switches. I can also offer free advice if you wish to try to do this yourself.

  • Free quote to adapt your equipment.
  • Simplest adaptations: £20.
  • More complicated adaptations: £20 per hour, plus parts.
  • If this you are in the UK and this is too expensive, please see MERU who offer a free service.

Adapting equipment voids the manufacturer's guarantee, and the attempt may cause irreparable damage, leaving the device useless. I would not refund this, but equally, I would not charge for my lost labour.

See the One Switch Shop Vault for some ideas.

SAFETY: Always use adapted equipment under supervision, and disconnect any batteries when not in use.

For more info and full terms, e-mail: or see the OneSwitch D.I.Y. guides.