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G-Clamps and Sticky Tape

The physical disabilities of many learners present their educators with a range of challenges. Here are some very practical suggestions, derived from our own experience.

1) Establish for yourself an armoury of:

sticky tape
Velcro, especially the sort with peel-off adhesive backing
non-slip rubbery place-mats

Switches can be very expensive, and the movements of students with cerebral palsy can be clumsy and approximate. It is most important that switches are firmly secured, preferably with the use of clamps.

Stick Velcro to the undersides of your switches........

.......and use a large felt-covered board.

....and use a large felt-covered board.

The long piece of wood, held by G-clamp to the table, is for a pupil who needs to work from his wheelchair. Switches are fixed to the other end

2) If your plan is that the learner is to reach further and further each day, devise a means of logging the latest position in your records. Perhaps fit Velcro to the base of a switch, and fit it, or them, onto a large felt-covered board. You may want to mark the points on this board which the pupil has been able to reach.

3) Above all, use your imagination.

Keep accurate records of the learner's progress

Make your own overlays.

Ideally, we should be able to clamp switches anywhere.

Ideally, we should be able to clamp switches anywhere.