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Room 12

Smiling young woman in a wheelchair playing a very basic black and white television bowling game using a head mounted pointing device to push down on the keys on a RCA Studio II games console.


Games with simple controls were first to be adapted for physically disabled gamers. Video Bowling games were amongst them. Typical early video bowling games were low pressure with automated aim adjustment as first seen with 1972 FRED Bowling. One-button control to throw. For the likes of Atari VCS Bowling which had manual aiming, a helper would be needed. Not uncommon. 

1978 saw Bumper Bowling come to real amusement arcades, making a massive difference for accessibility.

Read Chapter 12Pedestrian Crossing control box. G7000 ManualBowling controls diagram - fire button to bowl. Push left or right to swerve.GalleryRCA Studio II being played with a head wand.PlayG7000 Bowling videogame. Blue background and white pins and a ball.

G7000 Bowling (1980):

Press "2" to start G7000 Bowling.
Press "1" or "2" for 1 or 2 players.
Press "A" to bowl.