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Head, Mouth and Eye Controls

The following list details a number of different styles of head, mouth and eye operated controllers. Most of these are for PCs and Apple computers, but there are alternatives for games consoles too. Some of these devices are very expensive, so it is always worth trying to track down some way of trying before you buy. Please feel free to e-mail for help on anything that is unclear, and to offer any new accessible gaming discoveries.

Brain Control

Brain Control. Profile photo of a woman wearing an Emotiv headset on her head.

From: NeuroskyMyndplay and

These are often erratic in use. See Mind Control News for more.

Camera Mouse

Free Camera Mouse for PC

From Camera Mouse

Free software enabling mouse control via webcam head-tracking. Includes dwell-clicking.

Mirror Camera Mouse download

Eye Control

Eye Trackers, Gaze Control and Blink switches.

Eye-gaze: Tobii (see Gaze Point). See also Project Iris, OK GOOptikey Mouse, Will Wade's Blink Detection page and EyeWearBeam.  See EyeCommander and the OneSwitch switch and news sections.


GCM100P: Game Control Mixer with sip-puff for accessible gaming.

From OneSwitch and Celtic Magic: The GCM100P interface enables people to reach all main PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox gamepad controls using sip-puff and a single chin joystick.


HAPP100 Huff And Puff Processor 100 - sip and puff PC controller

The Celtic Magic Huff And Puff Processor 100 (HAPP100) is an advanced breath operated PC controller.

This device allows for fine control over a mouse to control a PC.

Head and Eye Switches

Head Mounted Switches

There are a huge range of switches that can be positioned for head control. See the Switch and Mounting sections for many possibilities.

HeadMouse Nano

Origin HeadMouse Extreme.

From Origin Instruments (USA)

A very easy to set-up head-tracker for PCs and Macs with an excellent mounting system and switch access.

Head Pointer

Head Pointer, also known as a Head Wand.

From Various

A low-tech solution, although often quite pricey. Also known as a head wand. 

Integra Mouse

Integra Mouse.

From Integra Mouse (USA)

A high-quality mouth controller for PCs and Macs. See SpecialEffect for a video on gaming. Now XAC compatible.


Jabberwocky - Android head-control

From Swiftable

A head-tracking app for Android devices with a "selfie" camera.

Jouse2 - Mouth Control

Jouse2 - Mouth Control

From Compusult

An expensive but high-quality looking mouth controller for PCs and Macs. Has the facility to enter text via sip-puff morse-code!

Kinesic Mouse

Kinesic Mouse face tracking.

From Markus Proll

PC software to translate head-movements, facial expressions, and blinks to key, mouse and/or joystick events. Requires a Windows Kinect.

Lipsync Gaming

Lipsync Gaming - 3D printed mouth controller.

From Makers Making Change

A 3D printed joystick and sip-puff unit all in one. Has interchangeable PTFE in-line filter and mouth-pieces. Can be set as a mouse or XAC compatible joystick controller.

Natural Point Head Trackers

Natural Point Head Trackers

From Natural Point

The discontinued PC SmartNAV range track a silver-dot that can be stuck anywhere and tracked. Movement is translated to mouse movement.

OAK Air Switch

OAK Air Switch for Kinect

From Assist-i-Net

An incredibly sensitive Kinect based switch system for Windows PCs.



From QuadLIFE

Mouth control over PCs and Macs. Combined sip-puff and joystick control.


QuadStick controller for head and mouth control.

From QuadStick

Popular head controlled gaming solution. The spiritual successor to Ken Yankelevitz's Quad Controller.



From TetraLite Products

A versatile and cheaply priced head-controller for PCs and Macs.

See the TetraMouse comparison page.

Voice Control / Speech

Voice Recognition.

See OneSwitch Blog

PC & Macs have in-built voice to text features. See also GlovePie, Voice Attack, MishkinaMish, Vocola, DWVAC, Dragon, GavPie & the adapters page for speech and console gaming.


Related Accessible Gaming Links

Game Accessibility Software - lots more here that can aid head / face control.

Ability Net - is a UK charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.

Ace Centre - archived guide to alternative mouse pointers, including web-cam and ultra-sonic based interfaces. - Communication by Gaze Interaction. Much useful information for eye-tracker users.